I have an Ibanez RG-Series guitar. (Dont remember the exact model) but its only about a $300-$400 guitar with dual humbuckers (V7 and V8) and a single.

My question is... I love to play metal (from metallica to slayer and so on) would I get a better sound from say a ESP LTD with EMG 81/85's in it? I have a real good amp with alot of models and effects but dont know if i missing out on a better sound with a different guitar.

I always have heard that the emg pickups are amazing for metal but would I really notice much of a difference?
Yes, ESP LTD would be great for that type of music
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Do you not like your RG? You could just upgrade your pick-ups.
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uprgrade the pickups on yours to emg's. a mid model rg is gonna be just as good as almost any ltd.
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Well to answer one person's question, I have a Spider II 212 amp which is not everyones favorite but i have been only playing a short time and do not gig with it so its great for me..

Ok well I guess my next question would be then how much of a pain is it to replace both pickups to EMGS? And should i get the 81/85 combo? WOuld that be best for my taste in music and tones?
How do you know its your pickups not your amp?
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While a new axe is always good, It's not going to make anywhere near as much difference in terms of getting the tones you want as a new amp would.

ESP/LTD is a great option if you're after a guitar for metal, though.