Sup guys, I am thinking of buying a new guitar and have my sight set on a bc rich.
I found a site that is affordable and now i have to choose between two guitars, a BC Rich Platinum Pro Warlock Caution and a BC Rich Platinum Warlock Special Edition. The obvious advantage to me is that one is cheaper than the other, but some of you have far superior knowledge out there so what i am asking is: What is better?

Cheers guys.

seriously they're not good

bad wood, pickups, hardware, what's left?
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When it comes to BC Rich, there's a ridiculously high chance that everyone you play will be junk. Give us a price range, and we can help with the search more effectively.
i dont know about the caution but i have a special edition and id say get the special edition cause there tough guitars and there no longer making new ones
yer just get a something liek an esp or an epihpne. My friend bougth a bc rich for 250 pounds (dunno wot model) and it wasnt any good. It's put me off bc riche's for life. I'm stick to good old les pauls, sg's and fenders. O yeah thats the stuff
There has to be a Jackson, ESP, Schecter thats way better than a BC BICH for 500$. What do you have for an amp?
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