What is the theory behind bar chords. Why do I fret the fifth fret when I play an Amajor bar chord? Thanks for helping me out. We werent all born guitar masters.
A Major is barred at the 5th fret simply becuase at standard tuning, the lowest A on the guitar is located at the 5th fret. Barre chords are simply open chords using your Index finger as the nut. If you notice, A major at the 5th fret has the same formation as open E major, but you're using you Index finger as the nut.
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Why? Because its an A. There isnt much theory really, its just a case of "barring" the whole board with your index to fret more frets, if you see what I mean. The one finger fretting three notes rather than one allows you to use your other fingers to complete the chord. With more notes, it will sound fuller or brighter.
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