What is the difference between the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and the Fender Hot Rod Deville?
Also for those who have any of the Hot Rod amps, what are the pro's and con's of the amp. I played one last week and I really like the sound but I want to see what other people think of the amp before I buy it.
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
Well, the Deluxe is 40 tube watts, which is equivalent to 100 solid state, and the Deville is 60 tube, which is 150. I think that's the only main difference, but as for the sound, I've played them before and I loved the sound. They really are loud too...you never really need to turn the volume higher than 3 or so.
yea, i love em man.

I used to own a traynor ycv50blue. At the same time my bro bought a fender hot rod deluxe and i just loved his amp. after hearing his amp it persuaded me to trade in the traynor and pay the difference for a fender hot rod deville.

Both are identical except for wattage. My brother rarely goes past the number 4 on the cleans. i rarely go past 2 on my cleans. Both amps are really loud but tone is excellent. THe overdrive isnt too gainy but that its just perfect for me. I love the pearljam sound and thats exaclty wut my fender sounds like.
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