Ok so i have 600 dollers to spend on a guitar. this is my first and i want a good one that can impress my friends and handle alternative, Punk and heavy rock but not something cheap or to hard to learn with. I also need suggestions for an amp around 100-200 dollers. plz help
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If you have $800 to work with, split it in half and spend 400 for a guitar and 400 for an amp. Most of your tone comes from your amp, not your guitar. I'd look into an Ibanez, Fender Fat Strat, or Epiphone guitar and maybe a Vox Valvetronix amp. Try them out before you buy first though to make sure you like it.
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yeah if you want a good sound, don't spend 600 for the guitar and 200 for the amp. Spend 400 for a fat strat and then 400 for a good amp. Maybe another fender amp, but those are expensive.

EDIT- yeah for a punk tone you'd probably want a vox something. Or maybe, dare i say it, a line 6 spider.
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guitar: Squier strat
Amp: Get a Fender G-DEC, wonderful amp, built in drumcomputer, tuner, effects. I improved greatly with this amp.

It's better te spend a little bit more on your amp. A great guitar with a crappy amp will sound aweful. A mediocre guitar in a good amp wil sound great.
An Epiphone might feel kinda heavy if you're not used to them, personally I find Fenders and Ibanez to be more comfortable. For the genres you like I think you'll go with an Ibanez though, they look more agressive.
Epiphone is a good choice as well if you don't mind the weight.
Are you just starting to play? If so, I wouldn't spend 600 dollars on anything until you're sure you'll stick with it. There are plenty of decent guitars and amps in the $200-$300 range.
Guitar: Epiphone: great guitars for the price
Amp: Line 6 Spider 2 112 Combo: $199.99 but sounds awesome
EDIT: I have both and they both are great.

Look here for others in your price range and check back here before buying. We'll tell you if it's worth it.

id say get sumtin real cheap if you dont like it then dont buy more spendin 600 -800 in the beginning is a dream it would be better than everythign i have

my suggestion fender fat strat or epi
amp?:roland cube 60 or vox ad50 vt your set for a while
VOX AD50 VT+crappy "Fender" from COSTCO!=ok tone!
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Go for a Fender Fat Strat & either a Roland Cube or Vox AD series amp.

Great setup, really versatile.
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guitar: Squier strat

I disagree.
I would go with an epi les paul jr, or epi sg, and look into ibanez, they have good guitars you could get for under 400.
And, with 400 more for an amp, I'm not the first person to say get a vox, but..get a vox.

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ibanez rg321 and epiphone valve special. not the head, the little 5W combo. and you're still $200 under budget.
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