A little backgroud from me: I am really not musically gifted. I played the trombone in the 5th grade, but that's as far as I went with music. I decided to purchase a guitar in April (a month short of turning 37) and purchased some lesson books. I picked around for a couple weeks and got frustrated because I wanted to play songs I liked, not "Spanish Theme" using the E, F and G strings. So, over the summer a former student (I am a teacher), who is a pretty good player, gave me the tab for a Hootie and the Blowfish song. I first tried to learn the chords, but I just wasn't getting it. I basically had trouble with the strum patterns. I figured I better get some lessons.
I've been to 2 lessons (just got back from the 2nd lesson, actually) and I am trying to play the intro to "Time" from Hootie and the Blowfish. I have got it down, well enough to play at my own pace, but not keep up with the song when played by the group. I have learned how to pick and strum the intro, but am struggling with the little things (like how hard to strum, getting my fingers in the right positions on the strings and frets, and speed between chords).
Any advice, suggestions, and/or tips for a TOTAL BEGINNER would be greatly appreciated

P.S. My fingers are killing me...anyway to tuffen' them up??
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As always, you need to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE, repetition is the only way to get speed in between the chords, just practice playing the chord, strumming it once, then moving on to the next chord. Don't go too fast, just go slow and then build speed.

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Just keep on playing, bro. After about a week they'll toughen up big time.

All of those problems you have will qwuickly be remedied as you progress in your playing. You start to get used to whats comfortable for you, etc.
hey, heres a few ways to tuffen your fingers. before playing stretch your fingers out. if yourfinger tips hurt, tap on a desk or something. To tuffen your fingers, do some hammer ons and pull offs for a few minuets. (if you dont know how to, play a note once and then hammer on another note without picking the string again) and pulloffs are pretty much the opposite.
yea man after about a week of playing you will build up calisus, after that, it wont hurt that bad any more
Thanks and keep 'em coming!! I know it isn't easy and it will take time. I quess my students attitudes of wanting everything right now without putting any time in has worn off on me a little!!
every one has been where you are man, just keep playing it sounds like you are on the right track, i've been playing for 10 years and i always start playing a song slower than it is on the CD then build up to the proper pace.
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Can I plug in the following strum pattern (^miss ^v^v^v) to just about any songs chords? If not, from looking at tabs, how do you know what strum patterns to use
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Can I plug in the following strum pattern (^miss ^v^v^v) to just about any songs chords? If not, from looking at tabs, how do you know what strum patterns to use

Generally for tabs you need to have heard the song because they only roughly indicate the rhythm of the piece.

A begginer tip: just keep on learning songs that you like and this will progress you well because you will get experience of different aspects/ techniques of guitar by listening and copying.
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take your time, work at a slow pace and practise A LOT
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