I play blues/rock and use 3 different overdrives for different songs (listed in order of gain)

1) Marshall Guv'nor 2
2) Boss SD-1
3) Marshall BluesBreaker 2

My problem is what order should i put the in?? Because if i go low gain -> high gain, I can't use the Guv'nor as a rhythm sound because putting another pedal on before it just adds more gain, but no level boost

If I go High->low gain, then when I add another pedal, the tone of that pedal colours the overall sound...

basically - how can i set up my pedals to give me a boost that doesn't colour the sound??
Quote by Frostedcupcakes
How do i use my effect pedals and my amp distortion and effects at the same time?

that depends on what pedals you're usig and how you're using them....

do you want the amp distortion on all the time or only some of the time??