Ok. So I was on YouTube looking at the people playing acoustic and to hear some interesting stuff when I came across this:


I have been playing for less that a year and I don't want to do this but what I do want to know is HOW he is doing this.

I think what he is doing can add interesting sounds to a song, does anyone out there know exactly how he is doing some of that stuff? (Or is it all just slap/pop/hammers done at lightning speed?) I can't get it to sounds right, or even close.

A lot of it is slap/pop which I am familiar with from when I played a little bass but some of the other nuances remain a mystery, I would like to know so I can add a new dimention into practicing and revitalize my interest in actually practicing (which I will admit is shrinking)

Anyway, let me know what you know!
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LOT of work to sound like him, but i think he double slaps some (pinky+thumb) slap and fingerpicking and tapping and hammering on with his left hand!

anyways, i say learn how to do all of the techniques seperately, then put them together.
(slap well, and hammer on well, and tap well)