Hey, I'm another university student leaving in the fall, and I was hoping to pick up a new acoustic guitar before I leave next Monday. However, when I went to the guitar shop last week, I found that the owner was getting his next shipment of Seagull's in October (priced at 280 CAD) each. What he does have right now are some Art & Lutherie series acoustics for the same price. What would you guys say to do, wait for the Seagull or go for an Art & Lutherie? This will be my first (meaning probably not my last and lifelong) acoustic guitar (til now I've played an Epiphone). I have about 365 bucks CAD but I could probably go a bit over that using my debit card if I needed to. So what would you do?
i Have a Art & Lutherie model (cedar top) and its great. So if i were you i would go for the Art& Luth. I havent played the seagull so i dont know of the difference but for the same money i would grab the A&L
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Id say go for art and lutherie i had one its a great guitar, and i didnt like the necks on the seagul's i thought they were uncomfortable.
But its you choice and prefrence you are the one to dicide.
they sound pretty much identical. the seagulls can be more expensive, and have a higher quality at that price. like ben said, the main difference is the neck.