im lookin into a new wah for myself

so whats the best? cost isnt a big deal

i play mostly jimi, zeppelin, srv, metallica, pink floyd, red hot chili peppers

and it needs to have an ac jack

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Vox Wah - they look amazing (chrome and black), and sound awesome ... plus, a lot of big names use them - david gilmour, jimi hendrix etc ...
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I'd recommend the Vox Way to. I don't own one personally, but my uncle owns a number of different wahs, and I like his Vox the best. Definetly sounds best.
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This helps me too. I am getting a new wah. dunlops disappoint me.
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ya i dont like crybabys very much thanks guys
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I'd stick my dick IN the pancake, THEN put it in that.
Budda Budwah, almost like the Vox, except better.
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For that stlye of music I would definately go with a Vox Clyde McCoy.
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To get a Crybaby or Vox to sound its best, you have to mod it, but this is quite simple.

Buddhas and Clydes are better, but more expensive as well.
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^hard to go wrong with a teese, thats for sure
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Vox Wah FTW
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i think for boutique, your paying a ****load for diminishing returns. i mean who absolutely cant live with a vox or budda wah? but if youve got money to wipe your ass with, yea jsut buy a picture wah and maybe get me a budda while your at it.
hows the ibanez weeping demon?
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Jim dunlop crybaby Zakk Wylde no question. I tried a few and also bought a VOX without trying it and was dissapointed, got the Zakk one as it has the best sound, nice deep throaty sound. Looks far better than the vox too. (raw look)

I don't even like all that much Metal either and mainly a classic rock fan. But still it pulls out the stops. Great pedal.
A good reasonably priced wah with plenty of versatility is the Dime CFH.
Wide sweep, adjustability, and footswitchable boost.
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Or a Vox Clyde McCoy.
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Threadstarter didn't ask for the best wah for the money, simply the best wah.

For the money check out the Snarling Dogs Whine-O, very versatile and good sounding wah, good price.

Money no option you just can't beat the Teese models.
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alright thx guys i think im probably gonna go with either a tesse or a vox clyde

btw where would the tesse's be in stock at cuz im pretty sure they dont have em at guitar center
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You would probably need to check out a smaller music store that has more boutique type gear. You can also go to musictoyz.com and get info or order one.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.