I love punk, and punk rock, and rock, and RATM/RHCP stuff. My local music store has both a Fender Standard (mexican) P and J bass. I love the J-bass. The punch is just so much better, and I much prefer the Jazz neck. The only problem is, my kind of music almost requires the P-bass. I've heard people say the P-bass tone isn't achievable with the J-bass, but I think I could do without, and I have so much more tone shaping with the J bass and my amp, that I could probably get it anyway. Is it really smarter to get teh J-bass? Or is the P-bass just something I should take because it will give me the sound I 'need'? Theya re selling for 369.95 each, so there is no extra money involved there.
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I love P-basses. I love playing punk with my P-bass. You will NEVER get a P-bass sound with a Jazz


If you really dig the Jazz, BUY IT...despite the majority of punk players using P-basses, I know of a few who have nailed some REALLY nice punk sounds using a Jazz...Chris #2 from Anti-Flag (only on the Terror State, before then he used MusicMan, and now he uses P-basses), the dude from the Bouncing Souls, Matt Freeman also switches between P-basses and Jazzes from record to record...

To summarise...yes P-basses are probably the most popular punk basses out there, but if you really like the Jazz, then buy it - the P-bass sound isn't THAT essential to playing punk...
In my opinion, the variety of tones you can get out of a jazz gives it the edge IF its between the two. However, as fake said, you can never get that exact P tone from a Jazz.

So yeah, go for Jazz, you'll get a decent Punk tone, and you can also get a decent tone for near enough anything else too.
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you said you play a lot of RCHP/RATM they both use j-bass yes they are modded but you can still re-enact the tone
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or you could just buy the p bass, and put the jazz ones in. or wiat you might need a new body for it cause the p/u are different shapes. or maybe just look into buy a jazz neck
I like punk music and have a Jazz. I haven't had a problem yet. Go with the one that you want, or you'll end up wishing you'd got it.
as stated, a Jazz can do Punk, just fine. i play in a Punk-A-Billy band and my Jazz does great. good Punk bass has more to do with the player, than the bass used.
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find your sound. and ya know.. punk is slightly based on non-comformity. (i know im gonna get flamed for this, you guys seam to like doing that whenever i voice an oppinion on this forum)

go for the jazz, you obviously like it more. there lots you can do with a jazz bass to acheive a suitable punk sound, even if its not the p-bass sound.
Chuck from Black Flag and Klaus Flouride from Dead Kennedys used a Jazz Bass on a number of occasions. Get the J-Bass.
yeah i play punk, and i like thhe sound of the J-Bass better, of course right now im playing a BC Rich Warlock bass that has a P and a J pickup and i love it to death.
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you dont need a certain bass to play a certain style of music. if you can play that style, the bass can do it too. granted, you may want a bit more low end or punch that comes with certain bass, but there nothing saying "this bass will prevent you from playing punk"
J's and P's, despite having very different tones, are both good for almost any kind of music.

If you like the J, get the J.
I join the J crowd. You can nearly get a P sound with the neck pickup and some EQing on your amp. The bridge is a bonus, and that punch is like getting kicked by a donkey.
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