Well, I wanted a Dean Razorback, but then I realised that they are huge and probably not very convenient.

I want a Black Beauty copy (2 pickups) I want a mahogany body and neck. Basically I want a faithful copy without paying for Gibson name. I will probably replace the pickups with EMG's as they intrigue me. Unless I can put the same style black covers on better pickups.

Price range will probably be about £700, but I have alot of time to save. Please help!
Tokai by far in the UK, you guys can actually play one unlike Americans who have to order them sight unseen from Canada.
But Epiphones have Alder in them. I want MAHOGANY.
And it was obvious, I would't be asking the question now, would I?
Okay, so Tokai? I'll check them out.
my friend has a tokai, not sure what model though but its wine red and fully stock and the pups dont sound that bad at all and its got great sustain. I also recomend the tokai
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What is plexi? Do you mean a guitar made out of plexiglass?