I wrote this a while ago and wanted to make a new recording of it, so here it is.


its played at 170 bpm, one channel has the metronome and more effects than the other. I like how that made it sound.
yo dude you got tabs to that its ****ing awesome...hell i might tab it myself :P
Im glad everyone likes it, it took a while to write haha. I dont have a tab, it would be pretty time consuming (the majority of it is played at 17 nps). Ive been practising it and changing parts around for a while now and im pretty happy with how it sounds. Once again, thanks for the awesome crits.
Nice. But I do think it would sound better (tone wise) if you played it on the neck pickup.

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Oh ya? Ill try that. Theres a switch on my guitar that turns on all the pickups and automatically turns the volume to max, I usually play with it turned on becuase it sounds more intense and full than the other settings. Thanks for the idea dude, Ill see what I like more for it.