Ok im having an arguemnt with my friend that jimi is better than angus. He says no andthat angus is 100 times better than Jimi. Jimi could freakingp lay with his teeth and all that stuff. I dont think Angus can. Ok so who wins this one, Jimi or Angus?
i hate to break it to you but neither can actually play with their teeth...it holding the guitar in front of ur face and doing hammerons and pulloffs...
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What exactly is a powerchord?

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My trouser snake is friendly. If you pet him, he might even do a trick! think I'm going to hell for that one.
Are you kidding? Jimi Hendrix wrote some of the most creative songs ever and Angus is good but he is no Jimi Hendrix. It depends on what your looking for though.