I just got my ESP Viper Standard, and its easily the best guitar ive ever played. I paid for half of it and parents kicked in the rest.

Awhile ago I asked in these forums for what to get, and the advice was spend more on an amp. That was the plan, but money had to be spent elsewhere and thankfully my parents helped me with the guitar. hooray for birthdays and parents that feel they havent done enough.. anyways

Time to start saving for a new amp! My favorite things to play are metal (Iron Maiden, old metallica, megadeth, etc) so i definately want to achieve those sounds. Im not so much interesting in achieving ONLY those sounds.

Its an expensive guitar, so I'm willing to save equally enough for an amp that wont hamper it, possibly more. Lets call the budget at $1500

Thanks in advance

btw... current amp is.. Line 6 Spider II. I do like the clean tones i get from it, but I definately understand what I've seen people say about it sounding 'digital/fake' so I definately want to upgrade.
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Maybe a Vox AD120VT or a 5150.
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Marshall or Mesa-Boogie

2nd the mesa especially
the lesser known of the 4
lol budget at 1500.
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if you like the cleans just get a distorion pedal...no wait nvm.
what am i thinking, that amps SS...
get a mesa rectifier?
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^^^ Nailed it right there. Mark IV, possibly the most versatile modern amp available. Nice cleans (if you like), awesome crunch. In your price range (I just saw a head go for $1200 on ebay, add a G-flex, Carvin, or Avatar cab and you're set for life).
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