This entire subforum is rendered usesless by the eight dozen stickied threads...not that this hasn't happened in almost every other forum, but this one seems more prominent. It's retarded.

To the few people that come in here regardless of it's complete obscurity and uselessness: discuss.
I agree with the poster of this topic.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.

Well there aren't any stickied threads to ask for advice on what to do with bandmates, what covers to decide to play, feedback on setlists, useful tips and tricks for calming nerves, advice on what to do with strong opposition to the music within and outside the band and whole ton of others that I can't think of off the top of my head.

You're both morons; the stickied posts help clear threads up, and yet they obviously don't render the entire forum useless seeing as there's tewnety nine pages of threads and at least three new ones a day.

Good day to you sirs, and nobody else post after this.