Ok guys. My neighbor recently gave me his randall rg100 es head. The amp works fine but he didn't have a footswitch to go with it. I know these line of amps are discontinued but I was wondering if any of you know if they are still around and where I can get one?
If it dosen't have to be a Randall, go to musicians friend and try to find one on there. That is what I did with a Kustom amp. I even e-mailed them to ask them which I needed and they replied in a day.
the lesser known of the 4
Ok i found the picture of the footswitch on ebay. If you go to ebay and type in randall footswitch it will show you pictures of the amp and footswitch. If I want the footswitch I'd have to buy the amp with it. Im pretty sure that this is the only footswitch that works with this amp judging from the pictures.