Climb and Pierced, they still need polish, we haven't been practicing as much as we should, but... meh... playing Norah Jones pays much more at the local joints...

...I'm still a metal head at heart... hmm... is saying that redundantly stupid?
LeoP - Death Metal Songs.zip
I liked them both. I think the bass volume was too loud though, and the bass parts for that second song were iffy for me.
o ****... pretty sick ****. i hate the midi sound of overdriven guitars tho. and i loveee the chord near the end of climb, the solo didnt impress me that much... and i didint like pierced that much only because of the ridiculously loud drums haha. asidee from that aweosme ****, awesommeee ****

soo much n00bage
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sorry to bust everyones bubble but lamb of god arent "hardcore" theyre death metal, and therefore metal.