is voodoo child (hendrix) based on the pentatonic scale? i dont know much about theory and i was just guessing cause it looks like its played around the pentatonic scale to me.

this is one of the hendrix songs i havent learned entirely, but from what i've seen.....and knowing hendrix...it is.
Yes, the notes in the main riff and throughout a lot of his solo are all from E pentatonic.

(Altho he sometimes throws in the 2nd) (F#).

The chorus is C7- D7 - E, and C of course would not be in the pentatonic scale either.
Yeah, mostly Eminor pentatonic, although he really combines it with the major scale in quick runs.

The chords he uses are strange, from a standard diatonic point of view, but quite obviously they work just fine. Most of the song is just vamping a Emajor chord anyways.
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