If there any good exercise or trick to increase picking speed when playing rapid downstrokes, commonly found in metal, aside from sitting there and just playing rapid down strokes as fast as I can? Thanks for any advice in advance.
practice. ha ha, yeah i hate it when people say that to me too, but its truth biatch!
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Do what I did, be a dope and just play all the time with only downstrokes.. Unfortunately I wasnt doing it for practice, was doing it because I was obviously to alternate picking, till recently.. But I got damn fqast with downstrokes in that time.. Lmao
I just sat around playing Master of Puppets to develop on that.
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That and drop Q tuning with pig squeels

Whats wrong with alternate picking the strings still make the same sound up or down
I find it really easyer to use higher gauge picks such as the dunlop big stubby.