Never heard the original, but this sounds pretty spot-on. It could definitely use some bass and drums to make it more interesting, seeing as the guitar is mostly power chords. The solo part near the end sounds sweet - good job on that. I think you'd benefit from layering your guitarwork with stereo channels so that it adds more texture - that's what I do to counteract cheap recording equipment
I havn't heard the origional either, but nice cover. It badly needs a backing track of some sort though. Your rhythm is overall good considering you aren't playing with any drums.

The intro sounds really good, but I'm not a fan of your main distorted tone. It sounds a bit too muddy/fuzzy to me.

The ending sounds great, nice outro solo.


Your playings good.

But your tone is fuzzy. Just try going with a little less gain, and possibly take some bass out (not to much) and put some more treble in. With the bass up that high it kind of drags the guitar in the overdrive. Keeping it a little more on higher frequencies should help. That and a little less gain and your set.

I haven't heard the original, but I will say this:
1) Your timing is off in spots
2) Your tone is rather fuzzy
3) It's kinda boring with only guitar.
Good otherwise, tho!

Thanks for critting mine.