I just bought this 12 string acoustic/electric guitar and was wondering if these Elixir acoustic strings would be worth the extra money to buy. On average, I play guitar 1 to 3 hours a day depending on the circumstances and seem to need to change my strings every 1 to 2 weeks depending on how much I play. Is the polyweb/nanoweb feature of Elixir strings worth the money of buying them or are traditional strings just as good at retaining their tone? Also, will boiling the strings deteriorate their coating?


ok, never boil guitar strings. Bass strings can handle it, but only barely. if you are changing your strings every week, then i think you have some problems. i dont mean to insult you, but it IS essential to make sure your hands are clean before you play, and you might be getting a little fussy with the tone

elixir strings are the best money can buy. i had them on my guitar for six months before i needed to change them, but dont use if you break strings often
Okay thanks. I had just heard about the idea of boiling strings in another thread, but didn't realize it was for bass strings only. About changing my strings, my hands get extremely sweaty when I play, especially rhythm, so my cheap strings rust a lot.

I've heard many positive opinions towards Elixir strings, including this one, and I think that's enough to convince me. I don't break strings very often at all, but since they're acoustic strings, the probability of them breaking is much lesser than what it would be for electric strings. (for me, anyway)

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ok, never boil guitar strings. Bass strings can handle it, but only barely.

What, did you make that up? Eddie Van Halen used to boil his strings before every gig to stretch them out. Why wouldn't they be able to take it? It's not like they're going to melt and fuse with the pot or something lol. And bassists frequently boil strings to reuse them, it's not something they "barely survive."

To the threadstarter, with how many strings are on a 12-string and the probability of at least one of those breaking before it they go bad, I don't think boiling will be an issue. I would not recommend boiling them if you get coated ones. The coating will most likely melt. I don't feel (personal opinion) that Elixer's are the best money can buy. There are strings available with thinner coatings and ones that are coated before the strings are wound (D'addario EXPs). Now I do not know if they offer these in the 12 string variety. Regardless, boiling of bass strings is purely for longevity. With the cost of guitar strings, I don't think all the work is worth it, but that's for you to decide.

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