I just bought a second hand epiphone explorer (not korina, the model up), and it had significant string rattle. So I tried to alter the action myself and managed to rid the string rattle completely. Then I took it to a guitar repair shop, and 60 dollars later I had it rewired, new jack, fixed machine heads, new strings, "perfect action" and reworked fretboard. But now the rattle is unbearable. The dude in the shop said it's normal and I could fork out $30k for a guitar and it'd still rattle. I hate it. The low E string rattles so badly in open that it comes out shrieking through my amp. What can I do without ****ing my action up again?

Have you figured out what's causing the rattle? It could be worn frets, or something in the bridge, or maybe they're the ones who messed up your action again.
check the nut maybe, the string may be riding high and scraping frets
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i dont want to be a prick or anything but could u be hitting the strings to hard? cuz i get the same problem when i hit my low E with to much force, Again i dont want to be a prick or anything and plz dont take this the wrong way
i had a similar problem, the thing is i find many techs set the action by checking for fret buzz by picking string with their fingers, which is much softer than with a pick, so the tech might think there is not buzz but when someone plays with a pick it buzzes like a blowie from up north, how low are the strings to the 12th fret? and what is the neck relief? (fret the 6th string at first and 12th fret and measure distance from this string to the 7th fret)
The store i took it to "fixed" the frets they look shiny and smooth, not worn. I can stop the sound by strumming REALLLY soft, but get hardly any sound. I think it's about the first fret that it's hitting, and it looks like it's sittign fine in the nut.
Does it rattle when you play open strings or only when you fret them?

Also, do as Denilson says and check the neck relief.

Fret the first fret, use a capo if needed, then fret the fret where the neck joins the body and check the measurement at the 8th fret. You should be able to get a credit card under there.

If it's any less or if it's touching the fret wire then the action is too low.