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Ok - The title says it all. What's the most comfortable guitar you've ver played? Based ONLY on how comfortable it was - not sound or name, just comfort.

For me, it had to be the Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I have yet to find a guitar as comfortable to play. AMAZING neck with a good feel.

So, start posting what guitars you have felt the were most comfortable!
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when i first got my epi LP my right arm kept resting right againt the edge of the body and the body is pretty sharp....but now im used to it
but the jaguar is comfy, the body is so perfect
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So far, my '98 Jackson PS-4 Dinky Performer.
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this pimped out pink fur-bodied electric washburn at my local shop
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So far, a Gibson Les Paul Supreme. The funny thing was, is the pickup switch was backwards.
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For me its a tie between, My epi sg, thin body, light to pickup, Easy fret access, And my old Fender cyclone 2, the body contour was So Comfortable, there thinner then strats, and the scale lenthe was the same as my sg.....I MISS MY CYCLONE!!!!
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EBMM John Petrucci 6 w/ Piezos.

The forearm cutaway is really big and gives a nice place to rest your arm, and it kinda like cradles your arm.

The bridge feels like a TOM (very comfortable for palm muting) but works like a Floyd... very comfy to work with.

And the neck... wow.. that neck. Birdseye maple, some crazy gunstock oil + other EBMM secret stuff, it has a thin C shape which has substantially more feel than most thin U type guitars, it's got nice grip, but it's thin as a mother. Very easy fret access, very easy to play guitar.
My RG1570.
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So far, a Gibson Les Paul Supreme. The funny thing was, is the pickup switch was backwards.

u know u might hav e a shot of getting the price lowered because of that.
My Jimmy page les paul, ive tried all the others in almost every store ive gone to, and i have to say the slim taper neck is comfort to the power of 10, and i love the way the body sinks into mine, the guitar becomes a part of me
since everyone was bitching, heres my favorites...
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how much did you pay for that guitar Z-oSo,

the most confortable guitar for me, i played a fender jaguar from the 50's once, and it was awesome
my own ibanez rg760. the wizard neck is so thin and fast, it also has a curve on the body where i can rest my arm
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The Ibanez JS series have the finest contours. They fit like a glove.

I don't see how anybody can find a LP shaped guitar noticeably comfortable, seeing as they are heavy, and don't have contours, but to each his own I guess.
The Ibanez S series. The neck is great, and they fit perfectly on my lap/when im standing without obstructing anything.

I also love the feel of Teles and Strats, the neck is extremely comfortable.
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The Ibanez S series. The neck is great, and they fit perfectly on my lap/when im standing without obstructing anything.

I also love the feel of Teles and Strats, the neck is extremely comfortable.

yeah I tried a fender American strat the other day, Man the neck fits right in your hand,
any Gibson Les Paul with binding is the most comfortable, and if not a paul then the steve vai ibanez signature model is almost as amazing
It Was a Black 1966 Fender Strat. I much preferred it to my 57. To me it just sounded and felt better. I still appreciate my old '57, but it was starting to get beat up so I had to retire and replace it with a *nearly* identical looking 50's strat, Its no comparison.

I would give anything to have that 66.
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Mine. And i've tried lots of other guitars, epiphones, squires, fenders, you name it. Nothing has as good a feel as my tele.
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hands down the most ergonomic and lightweight thing I've ever played, with a neck designed for speed and comfort
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For me it's between my to be Epiphone Les Paul (Paying off monthly to the guy in the shop - Have it by November) and my current Guitar - a £45 second hand Blaze Stratocaster copy. So comfortable to play, words can't describe it.
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epi SG, it just felt good, i liked the neck and i didnt mind the balance, or lack of

I agree. I've found the Epiphone SG's fatter, rounder neck to be pretty comfortable.
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Gibson SG, I love the neck and its pitched perfectly, strat necks genneral have no pitch at all (although its adjustable, but thats a major pain in the ass), plus i just like the fatter neck.
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only guitar iu've ever owned....

my series A(ya i have no idea either lol)

its a strat copy..not too heavy

i like it..but i have othing to compare it to
my ibanez is insanly awsome, no idea what it is but the neck is soooo thin and awsome, i mean iv played other guitars but they dont even compare

sometimes......when im not just hold onto it cause i love the thin neck so much
62 Les Paul SG Junior (re routed for hubmucekrs), since it was not only as comfortable as a normal SG, but also was extremly light and sounded great.
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Well i checked out some Dean guitar (forgot what model)

but anyways...jezus that guitar was lightweighted compared to mine , felt good and...pfoe i could reach every fret with ease :p unlike my current guitar =P

so probably that...but then again i haven't tested that many guitars (all my friends have the same type/style guitar) :p ya know basic
the ibanez SA series (i think it was SA260FM) felt really good... awesome neck and it was so light(which was good)

my cyclone feels comfortable too...(probably the short neck) also the squier affinity tele was felt much more comfortable than i thought.
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