Sorry if I am in the wrong part of the Forums to be asking this, but is it possible to plug an electric guitar into an surround sound system? Like lets say a home theater sound system, I have a Yamaha RX-V430 home theater system. Is it possible to do this without blowing a fuse or something? Need some tips on how to set it up if you will?

If I am not in the right place can someone redirect me please.
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It is , but i wouldnt advise it. You can blow out the speakers of your sound system.
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yeah, the output on ur guitar has to match the input on the speakers...i think. i have no idea about anything with electricity except that it can hurt u.
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i wouldnt advise it either
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I play through an old stereo system sometimes and nothing bad has happened yet but I don't crank it up or anything. I would assume it would work through your system as long as the speakers were rated well enough for it but if you don't know I wouldn't try it if you like the system.
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This is like the 100th time a 'guitar through a home theater' thread has come up this week. You can use the Search thing and get better answers like that Im sure.