I just got a new Crybaby wah wah pedal and I'm trying to get another pedal to hook to the crybaby. What pedal do you think would go well with a wah wah? Like a blues driver? Or what.
Well...I kinda want distortion, but then again I want it to be clean at the same time.
You mean you want a light distortion? The Blues Driver might be quite good for you then, try one out first.
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If you can find one, place an Ibanez CR5 Crunchrhythm between the Crybaby and the amp. You can get all kinds of sound combinations with a strat. Ibanez only made the CR5 for 2 years, so they are rare.
It sounds like you just want to buy a pedal for the sake of it.

How do you want the pedal to affect your sound
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I didn't like the Blues Driver at all, too harsh. You might try the Digitech (I know, I know) Screamin' Blues. It's almost like a higher gain Bad Monkey, sounds wonderful.
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tube screamer=better than the blues driver
nothing matches or IS CLOSE to the TS9 tube screamer its my fav

make sure you plug into the OD pedal first then p,lug the OD pedal into the WAH

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