Sorry i post it here because the guitar build thing is down.

I want to put a new body on my guitar.
I got a solid, one-piece of wood body with crappy electronic and i want to keep the wood and put completey another guitar in it.
Do i change the spring thing inside it?
thx and sry if my english sucks
BTW, i also change the bridge and plug and all of that, the only things i keep is the tuners and the wood (body and neck)
.... I don't quite understand your intentions. My advice is just to buy a new guitar. That's basically what you're wanting to do anyway.

What guitar do you have? What stuff do you want to put in it?
- FJ

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Yeah sorry i can't explain it well in english...i speak french most of the time:

I had a nice one piece guitar that i bought at a sale for 20 bucks. its solid wood and pretty heavy but all of the hardware sucks. i juste bought a new york pro crap for 50 CDN$ and i want to put the plate with all the picks and switch, the plug and the thing that hold the strings (dunno the word in english)in the one piece body. the thing is, i taked off the rectangular thing behing the guitar and now i see some springs and ****...do i take off the springs?
the springs are for the bridge, for the whammy, its a tremelo bridge ( sry cant spell english isnt my first language). thas what the springs are for, i donno what you bought is it a pick-up or what?
i have two guitars, i want to take off every thing form the first one exept for the keys(not sure in english but the things that turn to tune the guitar) and replace it with the pieces from the number 2
No one? can answer?
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1. Dont double post. Its annoying

2. It would be much easier, and possibly even cheaper to just buy a new guitar. How much do you know about wiring guitars? If you dont know that much, rewiring an entire guitar might be a bit much for a first attempt.

3. How sure are you that its the pickups and electronics that make it crap? Are you sure its not the wood? Agathis is decently heavy, like you described your guitar as being, and it is terrible sounding. If its agathis, buy a new guitar.
^ You are not helping.

The guy wants to put everything from his new guitar on his old guitar. Correct?

I do not know whether or not you should take off the springs. Does your first guitar have a hole in the back with springs as well?
So...thx Brainwash...(/sarcasm)
Humm I changed every thing from the new one to the first and it works perfectly.

I didn't bought a new guitar for the reason that i have no money...damn i would buy one if i could...but for 50 bucks, i just changed everything. But i got a contact with Pierre Laporte, a very popular ''Luthier''(dunno in english) here in Montréal, to get a new custom made guitar. This change was juste to have at least one ''good'' guitar.
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