How do you guys go across picking this.
1) Economy-down, up, down, down, up, down, down, up, down
2) Alternate- down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down

I have always practiced this pattern with economy picking because it always seemed to come naturally but I want to know is there any benefits to play with alternate picking.
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Complete alternate picking that line may give more control and possibly a harder sound since you approach the 5th string from the outside, but it sounds like you should stick with what you usually do.
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Alternate... Al DiMeola school here...
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i alternate everything, unless im doing all downs which is only really for rythym that isnt so fast that alternate is essential
I usually use economy for something like that however alternate picking may seem more comfortable and may sound tighter.
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alternate, but that could well be just because i've never really learned economy, but alternate is definitely the way that i'd play that.
I play it using economy picking, like almost any licks. If you feel to have more control using economy picking, stick to that then. But of course, try to learn which licks or pattern is more comfortable to you with alternate or economy.
Economy picking, as opposed to alternate picking, allows for less waisted energy which in turn allows for greater speed with minimal difficulty. Economy picking is more fluid and cleaner.

Fine examples include - Gambale, Holdsworth, Lane, Derryl Gabel.....
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I might play that both ways. Economy is clearly the faster of the two. But it
DOES have some disadvantages. It's harder to go into "uncharted territory"
during a solo because in general you follow some rules and patterns you've
worked out a head of time and practiced with economy. With alternate its much
easier -- always back and forth. It's also harder to maintain timing with economy.
Alternate is like the pendulum of a clock and a lot easier on timing.
OMG are u all crazy i always use the economy.are u all trying to make your lives and playing difficult?
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Quote by freddy692000
OMG are u all crazy i always use the economy.are u all trying to make your lives and playing difficult?

No, it's called musical sense and phrasing and knowing what technique works best
in a given situation. If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail...
Honestly I didn't know there was a difference. Some people on here said to learn to alternate picking... so I learned to economy pick on accident. I know.... this is really noobish.
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