I ordered an agile 3000, and I was wondering what all I'll need to replace. Just the pickups, right? I have no clue which to replace them with though. Burstbuckers?

What are the specs? Agiles are usually made of good materials so yes, besides a string change, pickups should be all you need to get it sounding real good. As for the pickups it's all personal preference, what kind of output you like etc. Lot of people will recommend the JB-4 as a hard rock pickup. I personally think it's too hot and scoops the mids too much. All preference though.

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I don't see why your replacing them, is this a starting guitar or one to customize?

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Well, I've been playing 8 month, and I've been using a strat. I'm ready for something different. I was leanin towards an Epiphone, but after reading everything about Agile on UG, it seems Agile's better.

EDIT: Also, will any Les Paul pickguard replacement fit on an Agile? I think I'm gonna replace the black one with white.
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