First off, Im not a fan of A7X and I wouldnt ever really listen to their stuff as opposed to all the great stuff I already have; But I do prefer their style as opposed to other bands these days like Lamb of God and anything soaked in double bass drums and cookie monster vocals. I think they sort of have a bit of an Iron Maiden thing (no im not putting them anywhere in the same league) the guitars are decent and with a better singer they could sound pretty good.
yeah who gives a poop what u think A7X for ever

oh yeah listen to theyre old stuff

i think u might like it better

haha everyone else knows what im talkin about

somebody get this mother fucker a fucking cookie
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I think you should listen to Bodom_Shredder7.

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Listen to Bodom_Shredder, he knows what hes talking about

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Bodom Shredder was right

if your gonna talk about a7x go to the hardcore forum and go to the a7x threads. and as for their old music, haha i really dont think youve heard it cuz thats what it is- cookie monster vocals and enough double bass to power a skyscraper. so do some research and come back when your smarter, mkay pumpkin?
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Go to the Hardcore forum man.
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the reason i didnt put this in hardcore is because i think thats a very subjective, stupid term thats lost all meaning.
DUDE STFU and post your thoughts in the A7X ONLY THREAD THERES A POINT TO IT i and others here dont giva a **** on what you say if its in the wrong spot take it there
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ummm....we have an A7X only forum for a reason...go there now...and never return here again..or you will die
Go get your shovel.
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somebody get this mother fucker a fucking cookie

And now that thats over....
Get the **** out of the metal forum and never return. Nobody here gives a **** about you, or gaycore.
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