I was listening to the solo of 'Let it be' by the Beatles, and I noticed some kind of effect on the guitar. I thought it was chorus, but then I asked my guitar teacher and he said it was a Leslie just like they use on an organ. Is there any way to get that sound without buying a $2,000 box?
A Uni Vibe, the originals are stupidly expensive, and the reissues (if you buy the footswitch too) are also expensive, but you could just buy the reissue without the exp pedal.
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Line 6 Roto Machine or Boss RT- 20 Rotoary Ensemble are Leslie pedals.
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The EHX Wiggler pedal is a tremelo pedal that features a Leslie style effect on it. It sounds pretty damn good from the video which you can download.
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Ok thanks a lot. I looked at all of them, and I like the EHX one. I'll look into it more.
Here are a couple pedals that would fit the bill

Danelectro DJ-20 rocky road spinning speaker, $50
Dunlop Univibe UV-1, $335
Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere MK II, $400
Dunlop rotovibe wah pedal, $150
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The rotovibe sounds nothing like a leslie. The Univibe does, but the rotovibe is more of a phaser sound. Get a Uni or something like it if you want the leslie sound.
rotovibe is a chorus/vibrato pedal

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I think you could probably fiddle with the settings on a normal chours pedal and get the same effect.
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