Okay.. well right now my rig is a Schecter C-1+ bone stock, Boss GT-8 for effects, and a Fender Twin-Reverb. I did manage to pull of some nice effects with a gt-8 etc, but I was also looking into upgrading my guitar. Do you think it's worth the buy with my setup? I like the gt8 because in a way for me its a bit more versatile than stompboxes sometimes (but I also sometimes do wish I can get stompboxes)... Opinions?
if you can afford a prs custom 24 then just save the money, marry me, then buy me a prs custom 24, would be money well spent ! x
Can't you use the GT8 in Stomp box mode?
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what are u looking for? is there a style u cant get the tone for?
the biggest tone change will be noticed with effects, or pickup change.

im guessing u like your amp?

anyway, u can get a couple of pedals, and or a couple of humbuckers for $200.
i would try that unless i hated the feel of my guitar.

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The GT-8 is absolutely awesome, you dont even need an amp, even a PA system is enough to get a really good sound out of it. If you dont like the feel of your guitar, then perhaps you're better off looking for another one, but if you like it very much, just upgrade the pickups. One more thing about the GT-8, you gotta experiment it a LOT to get the tone that you want, most of times users just "accidentally" stumble apon a good tone just fiddling with it.
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Yeah... the GT8 is very versatile.. I've been using it for almost 1 1/2 years now.. and yes you can use the effects like stompboxes which I do....

I've been really looking into the Custom 24's because they're amazing. I like my Schecter and all, but I want to try to own a different guitar too... I WAS thinking about getting EMG's but nah.. I'd rather get a custom24 while i can