If i get a Epiphone vintage G-400 will the color be dark red, red, or light red, also when i get it i will be installing a new bridge humbucker, should i get a gibson '57 or a burstbucker. I play mostly rock very little metal, like metallica, ac/dc, zeppelin, sabbath, and mostly 70's rock, i also like some pink floyd here and there. Thanks for the help

edit: if anyone has pictures of their vintage g-400 i would really like to see em
04 Ibanez RG220B with jackson bridge humbucker
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its not mine, but this is really what it looked like at the store... it was okay, though it wasn't the guitar i was looking for.

also, is it worth putting a 100$ humbucker in a 400$-level epiphone? it seems like a waste of money to me. even with good pickups, its doesnt have the gibson-quality wood, you know. just go buy some GFS pickups, or something cheaper like SD or dimarzio.

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Why don't you go to a shop, and look at the guitars, therefore you will be able to see what colour it is you like, then buy.

And I think you should give the Epi pickups a go before you change them straight away, just incase you like the sound.
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the only reason i considered changing the humbucker is because i plan to have this guitar for a long time(until i save for a gibson sg standard) so i want something that sounds really good and this guitar has a mahogandy body and neck(something i want) also does anyone know what kind of tuners are on this guitar
04 Ibanez RG220B with jackson bridge humbucker
Grover tuners

Heres my epi G-400, http://www.everythingsg.com/images/epiphone/65G400.gif

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