So i was playing guitar, and suddently this horrid buzzing cuts in, and it wont even play anything from the guitar, just the buzzing.
Ive tried a different guitar, so its not that. I also checked the cord in the back and the patch cord. All good.
The amp is a Hughes and Kettner Matrix 100 Combo (not tube).
PLEASE HELP, this is my bros amp. I feel like my head is gonna explode...
hmm try a diffrent patch chord

or umm check the imputs out on both the guitar and amp. they could be loose or something could of gotten disconected.
I tried a different cord, no luck.
And by imputs, you mean the things the patch cord plugs into right?
Both of those are fine.
inputs btw my bad man lol* and yes thats what I mean

hmm :/ maybe somethings wrong w/ your speaker or I noticed today w/ my crate when I had it plugged in next to my TV/everything eletrical area.. I got a bad buzz.

so try plugging your amp into a socket w/o any other things plugged into it and check to see if .. idk if the speaker looks good.
K thanks for replying so far.
Yeh its a constant buzz, it wont even play anything from a guitar.
Im not sure how to check the speaker and what to check for.
Ill plug it in somewhere else in just a sec...
were you cranking it before it started the buzzing thing? There are a lot of things that can happen. Maybe a solder joint is bad, or cap/resistor, etc... Don't panic yet though, it could be something simple to fix and diagnose for an tech if you have to take it in. When and where did he get it, could there possible still be a warranty on it?
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He got the amp at a local dealer here. I'll have to ask him tommorow sometime when hes off work if hes got a warranty, hes had it for about a year now tho.
I was just playing some classical stuff clean w/ reverb into my headphones, so i dont see how i couldve blown anything...
yeah, that kind of rules out the speaker then. The buzzing was coming thru the headphones, and will then come thru the speaker if you unplug the headphones?
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
amp clips
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Its not the headphones, cuz i tried them with some music and they worked fine.
I havnt tried turning the amp on with the phones unplugged, cuz it mega loud through the heaphones, and my parents are sleeping...