aren't the Ibanez JS1000 and JS1200 models one of the most amazing guitars on the market right now? the versatility because of the high-pass filter and the single coil tap is amazing, (to sound like anything from a strat to a les paul) and the DiMarzio pups (PAF Pro and FRED) produce the best lead tone i've heard in my life... the trem's also top notch (Edge Pro)
plus, the looks leave me breathless, and i can't think of any other guitar that cuts if like this does..
do you guys agree or disagree? any opinions on this?
disagree. try changing tunings easily betcha it cant do that anyway i rather prefer 5 different guitars for different tunings just for better versatility
Nice guitars with great tone and flexibility. But then again, you can say exactly the same out of any top-end Ibanez without paying thru the teeth for a signature model...
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