i am looking to buy a spider 2 line 6 amp head but im an idiot when it comes to stacks because i only have a practice amp. i was wondering if you could run any cabinet you want through any amp head. if so, does anyone have an opinion on the spider 2 being run through a marshall cab? (when i say opion i mean do you think it would sound good). please help me i am stuupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It will sound like crap. Save up a little and buy a nice tube amp. You wont regret it. And unless you are going to be playing huge venues, the most you will probably ever need is a 2x12, and thats pushing it. You will get plenty of recomendations on what type of amp to get if you tell us what you play.
ya you can run almost any head through any cab, but Metallica! is right...DO NOT buy that head. marshall cabs are awesome, i the greenbacks are amazing, but with a line 6 head theres no point of a having decent cab
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everbody tells me this bull about how the sound coming from a line 6 sucks, and i would agree but i am in love and always will be in love with that metal setting on that head. for some reason i have never found a that same sound except for once on a marshall, and i would save the trouble and buy a marshall stack but dude i dont have near enough money let ever
so unless you can give me an alternative that is just as low priced, i dont see why i shouldn't.
Try a Roland cube 60 very nice sound(About the same price), The problem with the line 6 is it sounds too digital IMO
if you have your mind set on a line 6 dont waste your money and run it through a marshall cab. its gonna sound like crap becasue that head is crap. if you want to run something through a marshall cab get a tube amp. or else there is no point of useing an expensive cab. becasue the cab cannot fix your sound problems.