so i really want to be more like Jerry Garcia and Dave Gilmour (if you dont knoew em, no need to respond).. but my lead work and solo skills are a bit lacking..

i originally planned on being a ryhthm man, so i built an extensive chord vocab, but still my fingering is sluggish and fumbling.

i CAN play:
st. stephen - dead,
turn on your love light - dead,
white lace and strange - nirvana
brain damage - floyd (except the chorus, where i use chords to just follow the song), the solo to roulette-soad,
the solo to something - beatles,
the intro to no rain - melon
the intro (pianos intro) to while my guitar... - beatles
smokestack lightning - howlin wolf
sunshine of your love - cream

thats pretty much it
.. but im really high right now and cant remember more.

so are there any suggestions to being able to get faster and stronger for leading and soloing longer?

seeing what i can do, what do you think i should learn next? are there any practices i can do to help this?

** these arent all the songs i know, more like the ones that have extensive finger working. most of the stuff i play is chordal work, so i didnt list the tons of beatles songs i know for johns part or grateful dead tunes from bob.
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Learn the scales and all the positions of what those guys use. Then its all about experimentation and experience. Play to a backing track. Slow down and try to really feel the rhythm and try to express yourself. Then when you get good at that you can express yourself without thinking too much. Speed? Develop finger strength and just practise. OH and learn a bunch of gilmour and garcia licks and use them in your playing.
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