Ok, seriously. I go to any thread on this website, doesnt matter what band it is, and i see ppl bashing Green Day. ON EVERY THREAD. Let me ask a question, WHY? I dont want any smart @$$ remarks, i honestly wanna know why even to this day ppl still talk about them and theyre not even in the public eye anymore. Whats really so bad about Green Day? I mean they write good rocks songs, not the most complex but theyre good songs. Just plain and simple rock, whats wrong with that? And about selling out, whats so wrong with it? I like their new sound just as much as their old sound. Im not the biggest Green Day fan but I respect them and all this bashing bothers me. Its the bashing thats not even relative to the subjects discussed that really annoy me. Cheap shots are all they are, cheap shots. Is it jealousy? Does it make ppl mad that theyre famous for doing what they love and having a good time doing it? Theyre not mean guys, theyre really nice ppl so I dont see why they deserve all the crap they get. Ill always be a fan, no matter what anyone else says about them.
green day bashing will occur as long as people like you exist...people bash some of the abnds I enjoy listening too..and i no longer go on major rants..you listen to bands because you enjoy them, who cares what other people think..
one reason

1) 3 chord songs
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i think once billy joel started wearing eyeliner, and painting his nails and wear is guitar so low he could use it as a vibrator old fans lost respect for them...and once american idiot came out they went down hill..its just people lost interest in them i tihnk...

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^^^ Yea, agreed. Personally, i bash greenday cause its not that talented music. Its big chords played over and over again, with pretty standard political protest over the top. I dont think its fair that more people respect them than respect someone like Alexi Laiho. My favourite quote about greenday:
"They were a thousand times better before they discovered eye-liner and politics"
i lost respect for them when they started to get all political, i really dont like artist that do that, and like they lost their touch, like i used to like green day alot when they first came out, but they just dont play the same sound any more it just dosnt sound as good as the original stuff they used to put out
also they are the meaning of powerchord, like their entire song is nothing but power chords, alot of people dont like bands that do nothing but power chords, because any one can write power chord songs so they think how does it make them good artist
i just find it funny how they used to write songs about masterbation and stuff and now they're all political.
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one reason

1) 3 chord songs

that's just wrong, they use many more chords, only like 15% of their songs are I-IV-V songs.

and besides, they use whole chords instead of powerchords in most of their songs. Don't believe me? For a fine example, check out a DECENT tab of Basket Case (not the rookie one with the powerchords, that one's wrong). However, many people that bash Green Day shout they only play powerchords, so they haven't done their homework at all.

And no one bashes the Ramones. You say you bash Green Day because they use 3 chords, and those are full barre chords like an A (major) form barred (yeah that's not like the easiest barre chord).
And the Ramones use just as many chords, if it ain't less chords, and they only use powerchords. And offcourse you're not going to bash the Ramones. But if you would bash people for using 3 (power)chords, then you should bash the Ramones too. And Iron Maiden too, by the way.

anyway I myself don't care about what other people think of the music I like. But you shouldn't bashing music you haven't completely, open-mindedly, tried to listen to.
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i dont make fun of green day.

okay, their last album wasnt my favourite but still a solid band.

pfft to all you nay-sayers.
Yeah, Green Day have turned a little odd recently, and they've stopped being as fun as they used to be. They still write some awesome songs though, regardless of how many chords they use This is probably the one forum where they're not unfairly bashed...

... We've got Aiden for that