i play blues rock influenced metal and i was wondering if anyone knew of a good heavy metal type guitar head. i was considering bbuying a line 6 spider 2 head and running it through a marshall cab, but when i told them, they flipped out like someone had hit them in the head with a bat and insisted that i not buy it. the only problem is i didnt get any better suggestions, which is why i made this thread. please help!!!!!
How much is your total budget?
You're gonna get GC pushed **** for that price. You'll be better off with a nice combo.
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get a peavey or something. the other guitarist in my band has a peavey and it kicks the **** out of my marshall
yeah 'them' were right. seriously halfstacks are useless unless theyre of good quality. $100-$200 is the price range of an average distortion pedal...

A good amp head (new) would be like $700-$3000+

What gear do you currently have?
^ erm if you mean a used one yeah. or a used 5150 would be even better on the price and hey...same thing!
If that's your budget you should wait. Unless you can find some ridiculous deal don't spend $200 on an amp unless you have no amp at all.

If you can come up with $500 you can get a XXX all day long, occasionally find a 5150.
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