This is kind of a weird question but I just recently started reading the book "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar" and it states there are two ways to sit with the Guitar.

1) The Classical position (which the author recommends for practicing) where the guitar rests on your left leg which is elevated a few inches from the floor and the back kind of rests on the inner part of your right leg. It then angles the head of the guitar up to about eye level.

2) The Casual position (which is the one I see almost everyone use) where the guitar rests on your right leg and your right foot is proped up a few inches.

My question is what style should I use. I've been trying the Classical position which is pretty cool because your legs pretty much support all the weight of the guitar but it kinda looks awkward and I haven't seen many people use it before. It's also kind nice because it brings the fretboard closer to you.

Any insite to this would be extremely helpful.


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Play however you feel comfortable. There is no "right" way to hold a guitar. The best way is the on that suits you. Until you start gigging. Then showmanship comes into play. But don't worry about that now.
Cool that kinda what I thought but I'm just starting out and I didn't want to start off on the wrong foot.

I'm hoping to start lessons next week but I wanted to get a jump on it. I didn't want the teacher to think I was totally wack

Thanks for the comments guys.

I played bass for 6 months before starting lessons. Now there's a teacher who thought someone was total wack.
lol i use both, when i play classical i sit classical, when i play metal or rock, i sit casual, and ya as said before there really isnt a correct way to sit just whatever suites you but indeed the classical position brings the fretboard closer and at an easier angle for your wrists and hands

EDIT: also the classical position helps with alot of guitar caused back problems because it puts you in a better posture, where as casual position tends to make you slouch
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I usually practice casual, but I've been trying to get into the habit of classical. For one, it gives you better access to the frets, it's just as comfortable, and the positioning of the guitar is closer to how it is when you stand and play.

It also makes V guitars a lot easier to play.
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I've always played in the classical position, it's much easier and more comfortable. Can't play "casual"... too awkward and I'm afraid my guitar'll fall off my leg. Plus I sit in a chair, so that might influence my decisions.

Try both, from my experience it doesn't matter. It only seems to be preference, so see which is more comfortable, and just switch around anytime you want. You don't need to stick to one thing.