this is a recording of me and my friend..kinda sloppy
but its the first recording we've ever done and we put it together in audacity
my friend just made up the intro riff and i started playin the chords underneath it..and then we decided to make it into a song
i dont really like the solo at the end but we're gunna record the whole thing over again when we have the time and make it as good as possible and make it a full length song
but anyways what you guys think of it?
i reckon it was pretty darn good and i dont even like metal, the end was a bit crappy though, no offence or anything
yeah i dont like it either...but it was the only thing we got before my friend had to go
it sounds pretty good, guessing this song is planned t obe instrumental, it needs drums but it doesstill sound gd. It needs to be a little longer, good effort though.