I just learned this today and I was pissed I didnt have 200bucks to get the Digiteck Whammy Petal. so I sat down and figued out how to make the noise.
I have it tuned to E but the real song is tuned to C
Mute all but the high e with your left fingers.
(get a big ring or trem bar or somthing metal)
hammer on the high e string on the 12th fret.
Quickly Slam the metal against the high e string just underneeth your neck pickup.
with pressure still on the string quickly slide it up and inch and then back about 2 inchest.
Drop the metal piece while doing the pull offs of the first solo.
I used my trem bar.
got the idea from waching some herman li videogame sounds video on youtube.
hears a quick recording.
pretty sloppy really.
but here it is.


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try asking Dethklok themselves. They are on MySpace. cool cover by the way.
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its old, good, but old lol
Very awesome man. I want a Digitech whammy too, but since i dont have the cash, i guess ill do it your way. DO YOU FOLKS LIKE COFFEE?!?!