Ok first off, I'm not in a band, but I'm trying to get one together. So I was wondering if it's ok for band members to switch parts. My cuz is going to be singing I was thinking of having this one girl in the band and maybe she could sing for a couple of songs or possibly have her and I switch between rhythm and lead. Is is ok to do this?
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sure whatever works
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theres no equation to music man. Do whatever you feel sounds or in some cases...if your on lsd looks right.
man do what you feel, you probably know what's best for you

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Do whatever you feel sounds or in some cases...if your on lsd looks right.

BTW a pink elephant means good music

There's nothing wrong with switching parts as long as it works.
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Yeah it's ok, but dont let it get to the gimmicky stage. There is a band called Pure Reason Revolution who do this alot and it actually got on my nerves after the 3rd song.
Sounds like a cool idea. That would give your band some versatility.
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