In many solos i come across, usually theres some kind of climactic kind of legato phrase, which uses hammer-ons and pull-offs to make a smooth sound. personally i've always found that just plain picking all such notes creates a stronger, more flowing sound.

would playing everything just straight picking sacrifice the legato sound of such phrases?
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I would think so, but I am not sure. Might wanna just ignore this post cuz I am new to playing guitar ^^
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well the meanig of legato is smoothly, so generally you wouldn't pick it to get that desired of effect. But if you like it then do so it'll make the solo seem a bit different aswell.
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By picking it, it doesn't become Legato anymore...the whole point of Legato is that it's smooth...like liquid...for it to not sound like that is odd. Perhaps your legato ability is not too good just yet?
just practice legato, when you get good at it you will be a fan of it!
If you pick the notes it aint legato anymore!