hey guys, i need your help.

i'm here at university, my rommate went home for a week and he left this old crappy guitar here. it's a "challenge" guitar, a copy of something i dunno lol.

anyway, i had been playing it for about 6 hours yesterday (unplugged) when i suddenly noticed that the first humbucker (has 2 of them) isn't being held by the screws at all. for eg if i spin the guitar, the humbucker would lean completely onto the strings and the two screws that should hold it would fall out from the mountholes.

the guitar didn't fall onto the floor or anything. i noticed from the beginning that one screw wasn't holding the humbucker btw. i don't know what to do now. this humbucker is set inside a plastic frame which is mounted onto the body of the guitar. the frame has 4 screw. i was thinking of opening this crap but i'm afraid that i might do even more damage because i don't know the way things are set up inside of an electric guitar.

if i unmount this humbucker, should i be able to set this up without problems?
there are what's called "dogears" on humbuckers, they are little wings on the side of the pickup that have a screw hole.. The 2 middle screws on the pickup rings go down and screw into theses dogears. Around each of the screws, is a spring that pushes back against the dogears. This allows them to adjust the height of the pickups, and the springs keep it in place. There are 4 screws, one on each corner of the pickup rings, that screw them into the guitar. You're going to have to loosen the strings probably, so you can unscrew the rings, and screw the adjustment screws back into the dogears. Remember to make sure the spring is around the screw like a sleeve. Also, don't yank on the wire when you do this, you don't want to pull any electronics loose. There should be enough slack to pull it out slightly to catch the ears. GL
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its not brain surgery. Theres very little to mess up in the body cavity. If it has all the correct pickup screws still then it wouldnt hurt to set it all back up. Just look at the other pickup to use as an example of how it should look.
Erock503 thank you so much for your explanation. i'll get started right away.
report: i unscrewed those 4 screws on the pickup ring and took the ring to see how things look inside.

the problem is, when i put the ring back, i can't pull up the humbucker to attach those 2 screws onto it because there's just no space between the edge of the humbucker and the ring. so, how do i pull it up?
how much slack is there, can you put the pup thru the ring first, and grab top of the humbucker before you have to put the ring back down against the guiitar?
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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