Does anyone have an idea of how to tune an amp to get the same guitar sound as Tony Iommi? You know, the thick drudgy one.

If so, can I have a good combination of numbers?
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Just fiddle it yourself. It can't be that hard.
Gain around half way, quite a bit of bass, turn the mids and treble back.
It's more to do with the quality of your gear than anything.
save for his sig amp or just a laney gh.
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From Ultimate settings thread:
Gain - 7 or 8
Bass - 6
Middle - 6
Treble - 6

I use to play on clean channel though and then use a fuzz pedal.
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^ Wtf? He's talking about Black Sabbath
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^ Wtf? He's talking about Black Sabbath

****e sorry Diamond. I got confused while switching threads.
I was reading this thread and the nofx one and i thought you posted early seventys sound didn't have much gain in the nofx thread so i put that in a sig to tak ethe mick, but i didn't. sorry about that.