Hi, I almost made this thread yesterday but the situation has got worse today. I'm in a band and i have been in for about a year but the singer and bassist dont seem to want to practise or at least help me organize practices or gigs, and the drummer just compltetely shows no interest at all.I'll go through each in a bit more detail...

Andy- Singer- last practise decided he didnt want to bring his guitar so had to ring his mum to bring it down 2 hours into a 4 hour practise and thne didnt feel like singing.

Ben- bass- nothing wrong with him and probably the best at their instrument in the band, but struggles to find time, so nothing of his fault but still a problem.

And now the drummer- he wouldnt record at 30 second drum piece using audacity and a computer microphone that he has set up becasue he's got other 'stuff' to do, when he was on msn for an hour last night. His girlfriend is bad news aswell, this band from the start has been going for 3 years and they've been going out for a couple of months and we can't have practises casue he's always with her and then she comes out and says were getting in the way of them! And worse thing is were all into metal and play metal but he lisens to indie and just pop rock, and now the final srtaw is that out of the blue his parents hate us and we can't practise at his any more.

Now i've seen most questions like this are about one member and the answer is to sit down with the rest of the band and talk about it, but i need to talk to everyone and since ive only been in the band for a year, 2 years less than all of them this may seem controlling, but its got out of control, after 3 years we've done 4 covers and haven't even started an original.

I'm talking to the bassist about starting a new band and keeping that one going, with juts us 2 and finding other people and thne keeping this one thats already going in the background, as the singer already has another good band.

What would you do? Thanks
I would do exactly as you suggested. Start another band. Obviously this one isn't working out if you only have 4 covers over 3 years. And if you're not happy, then you have to move on.
Also, if you are "playing" with people that don't want to play, get out. Quit wasting time with your best friends if they aren't really into music, and find people who want to play. They will become your best friends.
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I would do exactly as you suggested. Start another band. Obviously this one isn't working out if you only have 4 covers over 3 years. And if you're not happy, then you have to move on.

Obviously the bass player is the only one worth keeping. He's good and it seems that as long as he can manage his time it'll be okay. Don't bother with the singer and drummer. There's not enough commitment there.

If the bass player can't work out then start looking for new people.
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You and the Bass player go start a new band

Well, if he's interested

And if he's not...screw him

my thoughts exactly

he may have trouble finding time

who wouldn't?
well.. dude, thats something i hate about bands.. lack of motivation... i think u first need to speak to yer bandmates and get it straight if they are interested in the band or not.. and if they are intrested then they've gotta show complete motivation towards it and not any half harted obligations... the way yer band is working right now, its gonna go nowhere...
You need to get yer bandmates motivated towards the band, or look for new ones... a dedicated intermediate or even beginner bassist or drummer or anything is much better than an amazing player with no time and dedication...

Its more important that yer bandmates are more dedicated and motivated towards the band than being good at what they play... having a band is all about having fun and becomming better in what u do while making good music... if u'r band fails to do that, then i guess u'll hafta look for a new one!