Ok I'm thinking of getting a bit of cash by buying a £150 jackson js-1 model i think it is, then doing it up like EVH's guitar, as it only fits a strat style trem a FR style one should fit like evh's right, or is there some routing to be done?

anyway apart from the trem question i know perfectly how to do it, but i need to know (in english £ how much money this'll fetch, its not a perfect replica but it should be very simarlar to how the EVH one is made just very low end compared, does anyone know how much it'll go for?
it'll cost a fair bit to do it up like that.

a hell of alot of routing will need to be done to make it fit right.
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ok the trem thing doesnt matter anymore, found a model thats slightly dearer with an LFR
just how much will it get me, cos i can just fill in the neck pick-up, take away the selector and tone (i know he used the ton and no volume but i cant be bothered with that and the people i'll be selling to wont know the difference) and paint it
It probaly wont go for much, as i'm assuming this is your first experience modding a guitar, painting a guitar, using power tools & rebuilding a guitar. I'd highly think of getting more experience under your belt before you go trying to sell a product that the customer may not be happy with in the end.

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^The guitat you're trying to copy had a single volume control and no tone know, not the other way round. For some reason VH used the tone knob on the volume pot.
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^oooohh i thought it was tone pot volume knob XD

and this'll be my second as i'm half-way through one for myself already (a non EVH mod)
and power tools?
for painting and filling and stuff?
not to much difficulty, and i have used power tools before though it was in school electronics, metalwork and woodwork but still the same principal
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For some reason VH used the tone knob on the volume pot.

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