right i asked this in a thread i had in gear forum but no one seems to be responding i just ordered a roland cube 30 and i was going to get a dist pedal so i can switch between cleans and dist in songs, but i was told in the other forum that a footswitch would be better due to the cube having very good distortion out of the amp?

so wot im asking is, i heard some ppl say they got a switch with their cube but i doubt this one is coming with one as its not mentioned on the product description on www.gak.co.uk so i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a footswitch fot changing channels on this amp? a cheap one please as they dont seem to have any on that site, im in uk by the way
Well why don't you search for a separate Roland one, because they are not very likely to throw itin if they can get some extra cash for it are they? Or just search for 'external footswitch' on google or w/e.
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ive got a question about the amp if anyone has one?

it has different models like metal, acoustic, etc, then theres a clean channel, is there no way that i can play like the metal stack model for chorus and switch to acoustic for verses a la 'fade to black' r can i only have one model and have to use 'JC clean' for the verses? it hasnt arrived yet im just going on the pictures of the knob layout
The Boss FS-5U is a momentary type footswitch and it shouldn't cost much more than a tenner imo.

If that's what you want shop around for a cheaper price.

If I were you I'd get down to my local shop and try them both out before I part with any amount of money.
how do they work tho say i get a non-latching one when i press it will it go from clean to my effect or from effect(dist) to clean or wot,, and should any little footswtich work cos i found this one for liek 7 quid so i might get it
I have the ROland Cube 60 and bought a Roland DP2 pedal with mine for about £10.
It's a bit lightweight and plastic, but does the job.

And no, you can't switch from Classic Stack to Acoustic (for example). You can only change from the JC Clean channel to the Lead channel. The lead channel is the one with different distortions etc.
A bit disappointing i know, but thems the breaks.
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Afaik, and my knowledge is limited, but did try the peddle in the shop before I bought the amp. (and didn't buy the peddle I must add)

There is a way to reverse the polarity on the footswitch so that it becomes an on/off latch type of thing. This can be used to toggle on effects like verb and chorus or switch the channels.

But it should be noted that whatever channel your set to will be the one it chooses. ie. If your amp model setting is Metal then you can switch between metal and clean.

With one pedal you won't be able to get cleans without verb etc if they're already set on the amp model side, if you see what I mean.

Afaik the switches won't let you toggle through the amp models.

As for any old switch, I don't see why not but I wouldn't like to say.
hey thanks guys, and to beadlehands, where can i get one of those pedals u got? cus i can find it on any online stores in the uk namely gak.com, any help appreciated,

and free i think the way you can switch either effects or channels depends on if you push the switches lead all the way into the jack or halfway in.
Yeah maybe your right, as I said my knowledge of them is limited. I tried them in the shop before I bought the amp and didn't feel I needed them. Mainly because of the cost.

Just trying to help mate.
ch715dallat - I got my amp and the pedals from PMT in Birmingham.
Their web address is: www.pmtonline.co.uk

Their site is a bit poo though. No idea if they have the pedals available on-line.

You tap the pedal and it changes the channel, press it again and it changes back. You can also use the same type of pedal to turn Chorus on/off, Delay on/off, etc, but obviously need to have it connected to the correct, erm, thingy.
I have two, one for switching channels, one for turning FX (such as Chorus) on or off.

Hope that helps. Enjoy.....
i don't give a **** about combat18