hey, i got an RG with a JB in the bridge, and i hate the fact that there is hardly ANY midrange whatsoever, so in a couple of hours in gonna go get a change of pickups,

any suggestions to a pickup with a nice roaring sorta midrange, fairly high output which wont sound muddy in basswood?

Dimarzio vintage or high outputs.

they rock.
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Don't dump the JB as of yet, most of them need adjusting to the polepieces. Try to search on UG for it, there's a guy who did adjustments and described it perfectly for anyone to understand. It's a great pickup when adjusted the right way, don't throw away your money yet.
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yeah, definately spend 5 min adjusting the pole pieces first, who knows ya might like it and save yourself a wad of cash, if ya dont you can still buy new pickups. all i can think of for basswood and high midrange would be dimarzio breeds or you can try a tonezone or something
DiMarzio FRED
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i did try adjusting the pole pieces but i just got this wierdsound like a sorta harmony sound of the note i was playin, hard to explain but it didnt sound good and the midrange wasnt really boosted that much either...

any more suggestions?
What about eq?
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cheers for all the suggestgions, i ended up spendin a bit over what i wanted and got a warpig ordered,

anyone know how long the bareknuckle site shop takes to deliver out of interest?